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The Post COVID-19 World

Humans are resilient. More than one quarter of the world’s population are now largely confined to their homes, the virus has turned living cities into hospitals. It is hunting everybody regardless their caste, creed or religion and the best defence is to remain indoors as much as possible.

Humans have been preyed on before for most of history on the planet. Our ancestors have faced many more pandemics without the privilege of the modern day healthcare system and they fought against them by sticking together.

There is no question that Humanity will prevail over the present crisis as well. The only question is how fast will it recover. There will be an immediate change in the way things are done post crisis. Perspectives have already began changing during the lock down period.

A New Human Being Will Emerge

Post the epidemic we will see difference in the way we perceive things around us. We will find ourselves faced with a generation who thinks differently from the pre-pandemic generation. The thirst for more information around us will make our decision making different. Priorities will get reassigned. And we will adapt to it all of it within a short span.

How business economics will change

Events such as this, change the way goverments, economis and business do things, altering the course of history. The black death in 1300’s changed the feudal system in Europe with a modern employment contract. In modern times the SARS pandemic of 2002-2004 changed the way Chinese bought goods with the emergence of Ali baba which was a small ecommerce company then. Similarly it will lead many businesses to picot the way they were doing things, lot of emphasis on automation and supply chain will make businesses more efficient.

Yes it will lead to fall of many businesses which don’t pivot, but it will lead to a more efficient world order.

Probability of industries that gain and those that loose

Video games might be more popular and we should’t be surprised to see its emergence as a sport for the masses. A recession usually accelerates business model changes driving costs down. And pandemics tend to get in entirely new businesses. Firms which capitalize on changing will succeed those who don’t will get disrupted.

Investments in businesses which adapt become defensive bets.


Emergence of technology to monitor things around us will become the new normal. When the Chinese started to monitor people through their phones they were heavily criticized, this can become a new normal throughout the world. South Korea used smartphones to tag the movement of the infected – alerting people around via real time updates.

This will lead to cities needing to become smarter.

What’s in store for us ?

We should prioritize that we are built of the same constituents. It means that this is a threat to everybody around us. Facing this together will help us go through it faster and it will lead to lower recovery time. The more divided we are, that’s what the virus wants.



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