Why to Invest ?

The relationship between money and us starts at an early age when we notice our parents exchanging rupees to buy stuff which we need or like. We learn the value of money when we buy our first chocolate with the money from our piggy bank. These experiences teach us and mold us in the wayContinue reading “Why to Invest ?”


While investing the key parameters to watch for are returns and goal associated with the investment. Equity does give better returns over the long term compared to other asset classes. While investing we need to look at the treaties of tax done between countries which will help in avoiding taxation errors in the future. WeContinue reading “INVESTING AVENUES FOR US AND CANADA NRIS”

The Post COVID-19 World

Humans are resilient. More than one quarter of the world’s population are now largely confined to their homes, the virus has turned living cities into hospitals. It is hunting everybody regardless their caste, creed or religion and the best defence is to remain indoors as much as possible. Humans have been preyed on before forContinue reading “The Post COVID-19 World”

Where should I invest now ?

With increased volatility the market wide impact would have deterred your equity portfolio returns and this could get more volatile with the VIX (annual volatility index) being at an all time high, will also make your investments more volatile over the short term. Although the swings started with global factors , it will get moreContinue reading “Where should I invest now ?”

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