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How can US and Canada NRIs invest in India ?

One of the cardinal rules of investing is choosing the best asset among various options available to us. The fewer mistakes we make, the lesser time it takes to get value for your investment. When we think deeper, we probably have only 25-30 years of working lifespans assuming your in your 30’s and the key to increasing your corpus is to allocate your money in the most efficient way possible.

This makes a case for investing in countries which have a higher probability of growth than the country you live in. Currently in our generation South Asian countries are the growth engines and allocating your investments towards a growing economy indirectly reduces your risk and increases investment returns. Investing in a country like India which has policies directed towards growth, A likelihood of stable political environment and an aspirational population can provide value for your investments.

How can an NRI based out of the US or Canada Invest in India ?

NRIs can only invest via offline modes unlike regular accounts that can be done online. There are two types of NRI accounts :

  1. PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme) account , this requires a permission letter from the RBI for making investments. With this account you can invest via NRO or NRE accounts.
  2. Non-PIS accounts does not need any permission letter from RBI also it has lower costs associated with the account. However only NRO bank accounts can be used for investing. I would recommend this type of account to start with your investment journey as it has a better investing experience for US and Canada based investors.

The following representation differentiates the types of account

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